*21+ TO DRINK BYOB - No Glass Bottles*



Can I buy passes at the gate?

In order to purchase passes at the gate, guests will have to RSVP on the facebook event page, via email, or be put on the list by another guest who already has their pass.


How much? (Please note $5 off every ticket goes to charity)
Advance Supporter Weekend Pass - $90

Advance Supporter Weekend 2 Pass - $175

Gate Pass Weekend Supporter - $100

Day Pass $50 (Good till 8am the next day)

All passes include camping.


RV Parking Pass - $40

Parking Pass - $20 - $10 Carpool Discount

Theme Village Pass - $70 for all camp participants (Minimum 5 passes) $350 total price.

If you have guests who have not bought passes but will do so at the gate - Please email your “to be expected list” along with your receipt or confirmation number to info@junglelovecampout.com, Subject: “to be expected list”. Those who do not have a pass and are not on a pass holder’s “to be expected list” or arrive with them, will not be allowed entry. 


Why are you asking me to donate 2hrs of my time to the event?

All visitors, travelers, and comrades are asked to share 2hrs of their time volunteering with the Jungle Love community.  Look for more information via a confirmation email or in the volunteer section. Part of the ethos of the event is inclusion and community. You can preregister your shifts at the link below. 



Can I bring single-use plastics?

We are asking people to be conscious of their plastic usage. Large reusable plastic containers and refillable bottles make great substitutes to smaller bottles of water.  Many food items, with some time and planning, can be obtained without all the single-use plastic wrappers. Also, our event is Leave No Trace. This includes single-use glow sticks.


What’s Leave No Trace mean? 

This means that you should plan on taking all your non-compostable waste/trash with you. We also encourage you to look into finding alternatives to single-use plastic trash bags.  Leave No Trace also means leaving the roads - camping area clean and not leaving. This also includes your way to and from the venue.


What is parking like?

We ample parking and even overflow parking if needed.  The parking fee is $20 if you ride by yourself. To encourage people to carpool, there is a $10 discount if you come with two or more people in your vehicle. Parking is close to camping. If you arrive during the day and there is room, you can drive up to your camping site to drop off your camping gear. There are decently maintained roads through the camping section.

There is a $10 reparking fee for singles and double occupancy cars and $5 for carpools of 3 or more. Artists or their rides are exempt from the initial parking fee.

Is there Car Camping?

If your only tent or home for the weekend is your car, you may camp in your car provided there is room in general camping. 

How close is a town?

The closest town to the venue is Isle, MN. It’s less than 10 min from the venue.  They have hotels, some dining options, and some grocery stores.

What are the Prohibited Items?

Please do not bring the following items: single-use plastic, styrofoam, glass bottles (glass mason jars to store water and food are acceptable), weapons - long swords, baseball bats, knives (Cooking utensils are acceptable), shanks, guns (not including water guns), heat-seeking missiles or other military-grade hardware, explosives of any kind (including fireworks).  


Are there a Music Curfews or Renegade Stages?

With 5 stages of planned music that runs almost 24/7, we have no real music curfew. That said, we are respectful of our neighbors and our guests, all of whom need sleep at some point. So we ask that outdoor stages register as or in a theme village, and start music no sooner than noon, and turned off by 10pm. Event staff has complete discretion to turn off any sound system found to be obnoxious, disrespectful, or rude towards their neighbors or any of the staff. 
Theme village application for sound camps: https://forms.gle/f86R1TFBsVKjdrA47


Do you allow Pets?

Jungle Love 4: Solarpunk is 100% pet-friendly. Provided that your pet doesn’t eat other pets in attendance or their humans (leave the tiger at home, Karen). All pets should be on a leash and attended to at all times. Pets deemed to be a threat to others will be asked to leave along with their humans. Please, no poisonous friends. 


What are the Venue Amenities?

There are no showers on-site, we recommend people bring solar showers. We do have the ability to heat water up for you. There will be water stations available all day and night. The treehouse cafe will have ice for sale (bring your own bag or cooler) and they can also help you heat water if needed. 


When are the Gates/Arrival/Departures?

Early arrivals and late departures are allowed by email authorization only. There is an additional $20 charge per day depending on the situation.  Guests can arrive as early as Wednesday 6pm, and they may stay until the following Wednesday at noon. Regular gate hours are Friday 12noon to Sunday 10pm.

What’s available for Food?

The treehouse cafe will be offering home-cooked meals with both vegan and carnivorous options.  We will also have some gluten-free options available. Anyone with severe food allergies should plan to bring their as we cannot guarantee trace amounts of an allergen won't be present. You can find the menu here once it is complete:


Are there Vendors?

We will have a selection of vendors with various goods and services available for your shopping enjoyment. Applications are still being accepted and review until September 21.


Fire Performance

We do not permit fire poi at Jungle Love. There is plenty of room for flow toys. In the ethos of a sustainable event we ask that guest bring blacklight fabric poi or LED flow toys and leave the fire and gas at home.



Campfires are permitted but in keeping with the leave no trace theme we ask that you burn in a fire wok, or burn barrel. No large open campfires are permitted. 


Workshops & Activities

Workshops applications are currently being accepted and reviewed. Workshops should be in alignment with the theme or mission of the event: sustainability, community, regenerative systems, and the solarpunk aesthetic.



VR station

Screen Printing

Documentary Dome

Themed Villages





Costume Party

Tree/native grass planting


The property is MASSIVE measuring 87 acres in total.  We have plenty of manicured camping areas among many trails to wander and two baseball fields of open space for themed villages and overflow camping.  Be sure to check out our group rates! This year we will have car camping in designated areas. If you hammock camp please use protective covering for the trees such up-cycled swim noodles or old bike tires.


Themed Villages

Jungle Love 4: Solarpunk themed villages are participants who come together to camp and share service, education, art, or other sustainable or regenerative experiences. Themed village areas may not be driven on but can be driven up to for ease of loading and unloading.  Theme village will have discounted tickets.




While we have space for RVs, we will not have utilities available for RVs (power, water, waste).  RV’s parking is available by reservation. Please purchase the RV pass and then email your receipt or confirmation number to info@junglelovecampout.com.  We will confirm the size of your RV and determine if a placement is possible. Once we are out of RV space the option will no longer be available on-line.


Age Restrictions

Our event is 18+


Medical & Security

All our medical and security staff are here to help! Please kind and courteous.  We are a patient and tolerant community to a point. Guests that are found to committing serious violations of our mission or principals, or applicable local or federal laws, those guests who are causing problems will be asked to leave the event.


We take matters of personal security and consent very seriously. This includes invading people's personal space without permission. Example: Hugs are great!... but consider asking first.  In the event that a situation arises, we will have clearly marked Jungle Watchers. Go to them should anyone feel unsafe. They are there to get you to a safe space and let you express what happened. While other watchers keep tabs on the situation.  Situations that are un-resolvable may result in guests being asked to leave and if warranted a police report filed.


Can I take photos?

Please no authorized photography with professional-grade gear, especially flash photography on the dance. Consent matters when it comes to the images that people want to be displayed of themselves. All guests will be asked to sign a waiver granting the event consent to use guest likeness in future promotions with or without compensation.  Feel free to grab decor shots and selfies with friends etc, just make sure your subject wants to be photographed.



Our event is BYOB, please no glass bottles. They are prohibited. You must be 21 and have valid ID to drink. Any minor found with alcohol will have their wristbands removed and asked to leave the event. This goes for anyone over 21 found to giving alcohol to a minor will also be asked to leave.



We are expecting pretty decent fall weather this year. We have indoor and outdoor stages. Dress appropriately.

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