Event Rules

All guests agree to adhere to the following:

1) All ticket sales are final, this is a rain or shine event.

2) This is a Leave No Trace event, and we ask that pack in and pack out what you need to camp for the weekend. We will have food vendors on site with both vegan and meat options.

3) "I am voluntarily participating in this Activity. I understand that there are risks associated with my participation in this Activity, such as physical and/or psychological injury, pain, suffering, illness, disfigurement, temporary or permanent disability, death or economic loss. These injuries or outcomes may arise from my own or other's actions, inaction, or negligence, or the condition of the Activity location (s) or facility (ies). Nonetheless, I assume all risks of my participation in this Activity, whether known or unknown to me, including travel to and from the Activity (including air travel) or any events incidental to this Activity."

3) Guest Code of Conduct

Guests agree to conduct themselves in a way that creates a safe environment for themselves and other guests. This includes what we bring to the show. As such guests are advised that weapons are not allowed on the event premises. If you travel with firearms, they need to be properly stowed in your locked vehicle at all times. Knives except those used for cooking or camping are not allowed. No GLASS BOTTLES. No Fireworks or Explosives.


Guests agree to pack out their waste, recycle on site when possible, and properly dispose of grey water. Further, cigarette smokers agree to properly dispose on their butts in a waste bin, please do not pitch them in the fire or on the ground. Guests agree to refrain from bringing glass bottles on to the property.


We recognize everyone's to free speech, we also recognize that people have a right to feel safe. As such, any and all hate speech is expressly advised against at this event. Hate speech is vocalized or signage that expresses language or ideas directed towards a group of people based on their religion, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, age or ability. Please be aware that if our staff are alerted to guests using offensive hate speech publicly we will address the situation immediately.

To protect all parties from unwanted advances or actions; we adhere to a strong CONSENT Policy.

What is consent? 

If you are curious if something is ok to do - ask someone. If they say yes then it means yes, if they say no it means no, if they can't say anything, the answer is no, and if they are under duress or coercion the answer is always no, even if they say yes. 

Example: Ask them if they would like to dance, don't just rub up on them. If someone says no, don't take it personally, and attack them. If someone says yes at one point, but then changes their mind to no; back off. And if you are going to ask make sure you do say in a way that is not going offend someone. Not sure how to ask someone something… ask them how you should ask! J

First and foremost, this event is about dancing, as such we like to try and follow a few rules about the dance floor.


Please refrain from flash photography while on the dance floor, your attempt to capture the moment might be ruining someone's time trying to live in the moment. However, by attending this event the attendee agrees to allow the event organizers to use the attendees image or likeness in future promotions regarding the event and other events hosted by the organizers. 

Don't do it on the dance floor, and don't smoke cigarettes near the entrances or exits. Many people find the smoke offensive and some are even allergic! Also, a random swing of the arm can result in severe burns if people aren't paying attention. However, vaping is totally fine on the dance floor – less fog juice gets used!

Our event is BYOB, and we do not serve booze on site. There is a bar and liquor store in town. Please do not try to dance and drink on the dance floor. No one wants a spilled drink all over their costume.

This is an 18+ event valid ID will be required to enter. 

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